It's now! It's happening (in all seriousness it was bound to happen), I'm getting my shit together! And as you can probably tell from my strategically placed mug and diary, I have enrolled and begun taking classes at FBI Fashion College. It has really sparked a new fire in me to not focus on the skills, connections and expertise I don't have and just get out there and blog!

I'll either be mastering the tripod, recruiting my little sister or resorting to the always trusty iPhone as my personal photographer is now killing it in law school. I guess it is time to figure out how to really master the selfie for my blogs sake.

So as I'm sitting here downing my tea and mentally picking out my outfit for the guest speaker who will be at college today, I couldn't be more excited to kickstart whatever career I'm forging into the fashion industry.

All in all, happy Tuesday and chase your dreams kids because they can't run as fast as you!

P.S. I'm writing this to procrastinate doing my first assignment (safe to say, old habits die hard - wish me luck!)


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