Do Tights for Winter

Ok, need I say more? How cute are these tights! They are easily one of my favourite purchases of 2017 and have seriously upped my stocking game. First, the fishnets came back, THANK GOD, as ya girl loves a good fishnet stocking. But these bad boys are so cute, I'm just obsessed with the little spots.

Not only do stockings keep you semi warm in winter (as much as they can for a super thin piece of material) but they allow you to wear skirts without pale legs ruining the outfit. Stockings are a great way to show off your legs in winter much like over the knee socks! Tights go great with boots, loafers or mules and are an easy way to add more layers, prints and textures to an outfit.

I will now definitely be on the hunt for more designs and styles to grow my collection of stockings. Catch me stalking the accessory sections of all my favourite stores!

Kenz xx

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