Window Shopping Turns Web-Browsing

It is no question that online shopping has well and truly taken the retail world by storm. Still, some shoppers are nervous about the security of online shopping and whether it is more trouble than it's worth.

I can definitely relate to that anxious feeling of "did I just get scammed, I haven't heard of this site before?", "I've paid for something I haven't seen, what if it doesn't fit?", "it's been 10 days it should be here by now!" But I am now speaking from plenty of experience and have essentially learnt the dos and don'ts of online shopping.

The first do is to do a little background check on the site you're shopping off. Check the social media pages and that they are used frequently, and mention the site to your friends and see if they have heard of it or maybe used it. My most trusted and most frequently used sites are ASOS and The Iconic. These sites are great because they allow me to shop a variety of brands all on the one site. Both these sites also offer free shipping once you spend over a certain amount of money and The Iconic also has free returns for 100 days. For those who worry about sizes ASOS has a great feature where you put in your dimensions and they can recommend a size according to the item you are looking at.

Another great hack is to check out some coupon codes. This is where the constant torture of being a student comes into great use. By signing up to Unidays you are able to get student discount vouchers for many online shopping stores including ASOS, The Iconic, Missguided, Beginning Boutique and Pretty Little Thing. These discounts have definitely contributed to me saving a few dollars on several of my orders.

One of the best things when shopping online is the ability to streamline your browsing by selecting the size, style, colour, brand and so on to narrow down your search online. Having so many pages to browse through can be a bit intimidating so by refining searches you're able to shop more styles you're interested in and shop them in your size. This is also so much more efficient that physically looking through several stores and is one of the most useful elements of online shopping.

One thing I definitely don't like to do is use Paypal which may seem odd but I have had my debit card hacked by a scam that was posing to be Paypal so I'm skeptical. Because of this I only shop off sites that I trust and are reputable so I'm not scared to give my card details. Not to say Paypal doesn't work for everyone, but just ensure you're monitoring your account's activity to ensure there is no suspicious activity.

Online Shopping has definitely proven such a convenient way to shop for me. Nothing beats sitting on the lounge with a cup of tea and scrolling through The Iconic adding items to my wishlist eagerly awaiting payday so that I can place an order and wait for the parcel to arrive. Nothing beats that feeling of the postman knocking at your door holding your items - it is one of the few thrills in my life!

Get online guys and shop away as the deals are endless as are the brands and the clothes! Kenz xx


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