Stripes on Stripes

Stripes are such a chic and easy pattern to work with as they aren't overly bold and in your face - instead they're understated which allows them to work well with other patterns and even bold colours and prints. In this case, I put stripes on stripes, which may seem a little daring and breaking some kind of old fashion rule (not that there really is any these days) but both were blue so it wasn't an eye sore. The pinstripe in the trouser is very smart however the pants themselves are a casual relaxed fit with the elasticated, drawstring waist which really sets the tone of the entire outfit. The t-shirt was again very casual so the loafers, neck scarf and large sunglasses gave a more sophisticated feel to an otherwise relaxed and effortless look. Kenz xx

Outfit: Trousers - H&M, Shirt - Dotti, Sunglasses - LeSpecs, Neck Scarf - H&M, Loafers - Park Lane


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