Thursday, 16 February 2017

Two Timing Trend Pieces

When it comes to wearing trend pieces, many people use the approach of making a trend item the stand out piece of their outfit - for example a bell sleeve top with a simple bottom or the bomber jacket that dominates an outfit.

I love investing in trend pieces that aren't too outrageous and transcend the trend period itself, which allows me to get more wear out of the piece then I initially thought I would get. Some of my personal favourite trend pieces include the bardot style dress or top and the culotte. Both are a dominant trend but when styled in a minimal way, they work really well when together helping me appear somewhat sophisticated (not believable though, right?).

Go ahead and give it a try - two timing trend pieces are definitely a more exciting way to incorporate seasonal fashion trends into the everyday wardrobe.

Kenz xx

Outfit: Top - Sportsgirl, Pants - Forever New, Shoes - Betts

Friday, 10 February 2017

Lady Boss in the Making

Sitting here, feeling kind of uninspired I thought about what I am trying to achieve - how am I becoming a lady boss? How am I determining my destiny? How am I making my blogging dreams come true? Or something along those lines. It's daunting to put so much pressure on something and then have to play the waiting game to see if it really works, to see if an opportunity will come knocking at your front door - any time now!

I think of all the female bloggers who are making it happen and essentially living out that lady boss dream whilst also making me aspire to work just as hard as them. Sara Donaldson, Margaret Zhang, Nadia Fairfax, Nicole Warne - I WANT YOUR LIFE!!! They are a constant reminder to find inspiration in the most unlikely of places, mould my creative thoughts into something more than just a creative thought and continuously work towards something I will eventually be so proud of.

But in all honesty, constantly being on the daily grind is hard - I'm tired, somewhat uninspired and bogged down in everyday life. But all it takes is a few short minutes to get my motivation back on track. Reminding myself of my goals and seemingly elusive dreams seems to do exactly that (FYI: that one's a top tip for the future).

Right now I am an amateur blogger, working retail full time and recruiting my friend to be my personal photographer - thanks again Katie! This creative space I made is helping me discover who I am and achieve my dreams, blah, blah, blah (total cliche, I know)... but it's true. You know what they say, 'when life gives you too many creative ideas for your own head, write a blog and relentlessly release them to others'.

Even though in these photos I am walking across a sports ground carpark trying to look somewhat Lady Bossish, praying no one saw me - I am feeling awesome. Hopefully, one day I will look back at these old posts, and thank my nineteen year old self for getting out there and attempting to become a Lady Boss even if I had no idea what I was doing.

Kenz (Lady Boss in the Making) xx

Monday, 6 February 2017

A Guide to Sydney: The Grounds of Alexandria

Sydneysiders, if you're after a gorgeous day out then look no further than a trip to the Grounds of Alexandria. This place looks like something out of Alice in Wonderland - it is purely a treat for the eyes and the Instagram feeds. The Grounds is set up like a farmers market with dainty little stalls selling sweets, fresh berries, lemonade and flowers. It is the perfect place for a weekend outing and a function - my wedding is now booked for The Grounds (minus the groom). Come for High Tea, summer cocktails, or even just a stroll but trust me if you haven't checked this place out make it a priority on your to-do list!

Kenz xx

Friday, 3 February 2017

Kickin' in Converse

No sneaker really has the same effect as a classic Chuck Taylor Converse look, does it? It's something about that high top silhouette and that star on the inside of the ankle. And when people say that they live in their converses, trust me, it's a true statement.

For such a simple shoe there are so many style possibilities. The massive variety of colours and styles enables one shoe brand to be worn by a variety of age groups and for various occasions. I mean, the little bubba converses are so adorable and I want a baby pink pair so bad - for no reason though, just to have!

The shoe itself is also so comfortable. Being on my feet all day in Converses is never an issue because they have a really soft sole. The only thing I would watch out for is how narrow the top of the shoe is as it might pinch a bit so I personally went up a shoe size when I got my Chucks. Also, compared to other sneaker brands, Converses are extremely affordable - which is a strong argument for anyone planning to invest into a stylish and trendy sneaker.

All in all, if you haven't got a pair - GET A PAIR!

Kenz xx

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

How To Make Print Dresses Work For You

Nothing says summer like a bright, gorgeous print. Though they look beautiful on the mannequin and catch your eye hanging in the shop window, such a bright statement can be somewhat intimidating. I personally love the floral print, it's a really easy way to show a more feminine side in an outfit especially when I love to pair everything will sneakers, converse and a leather jacket. 

My top tips to rocking a print 
1. always make sure the style of the dress is right for your body shape. Prints are loud and eye catching and drawing attention to a dress that doesn't sit right will do you no favours
2. pick colours that compliment your skin tone. Light skin tones are complimented by cool colours including blues, greens, pinks and purples as well as pastels, however black and white tend to have a washed out effect. Medium skin tones work well with earthy colours such as browns, tan, khaki, yellow, blues and reds, avoid the pastels and bright whites as they can make you look washed out. Dark skin tones suit whites, dark purples, orange, pinks and golden tones.
3. choose on trend prints. These can vary from floral, to geometric to oriental. Tapping into trends through prints is an easy was to keep outfits current.

Kenz xx

Outfit 1: Dress - H&M, Shoes - Converse, Sunglasses - Seafolly
Outfit 2: Dress - Dotti, Shoes - Adidas, Jacket - Barneys

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Co-ords are still cool, right?

Who doesn't love a co-ord? I mean, I honestly think they are one of the best outfits. You pick the top and BAM, you've got bottoms - a WHOLE outfit in 2 seconds, can it get any easier?

I love this one from H&M, it's super comfy and the lace details enable you to dress it up if you were to wear it on a night out, say with a pair of black stilettos - or casually with a sneaker or boots like I've done here.

The best part about co-ords is you can still wear them separately! I could easily pair the top with some black jeans, the skirt with a plain singlet top or a white tee and the whole outfit would look completely different. But together, the co-ord packs a punch - making you look super sophisticated and classic dressed all in one print or colour.

If you aren't brave enough to rock a pattern head to toe, try a co-ord in a block colour just to feel more comfortable. Coming into Winter in the next few months, knit co-ords are definitely going to be a wardrobe necessity! They are comfy, convenient and classic. So get on the co-ord train because, I promise, they are definitely still cool!

Kenz xx

Outfit: Co-ord - H&M, Boots - ASOS, Bag - Tony Bianco, Sunglasses - Quay

Monday, 23 January 2017

The Wide Leg Trouser

Being deprived of a gorgeous long leg has hindered my quality of life to such an extent that finding a wide leg trouser that doesn't need to be tailored is a lifelong mission. I had my doubts, but ladies, if you believe you will succeed. I am so happy to be wearing my first pair of wide leg trousers from Atmos and Here. The burnt orange colour is perfect for the Autumn months but let's be real, I'll be wearing these year round. Being 4 foot nothing, the wide leg trouser provides the illusion of a longer leg (not really, but I'll just keep telling myself it does). Just shy of $30 on sale, these were a bargain! Super comfy and chic - and who doesn't love to be super comfy whilst also looking chic!

Kenz xx 

Outfit: Trousers - Atmos and Here, Top - Glassons, Shoes - Betts, Sunglasses - Quay